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Roger Yohn

Capital City Meltdown

50 point Malifaux Tournament, 2016-07-23

Record: 3-1-1 Place:

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Andrew Knieriem30
2Jake Dibattista03
3Casey Campbell11
4Andrew Weakland30
5Sebastian Padrino30

2015 Unplugged GT

2400 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, 2015-04-25

Record: 3-2-0 Place: 19th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Philip La Placa240
2Adam Parente224
3Keith Conroy240
4Cory Walizer121
5Kyle Holman194

Crossroads Spring Break 2015

2400 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, 2015-03-28

Record: 3-1-1 Place: 8th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Ryan Burch200
2John Vanase417
3Steve King200
4Ben Halgas203
5Travis Weyforth1010

The Holiday Brawl

2500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, 2015-01-10

Record: 3-2-0 Place: 5th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Daniel Furbush2313
2Andras Fulop264
3Casey Cronan1719
4Ira Knight300
5Keith Randall1318

Crossroads 2014

2500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, 2014-09-06

Record: 4-1-0 Place: 6th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Matt Magitti231
2Andres Gabales204
3Keith Conroy023
4Jason Clark240
5Kevin Coleman241