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Robert Brandon

Twitter: @rotgutmanglers

Mountaineer GT 2018

2200 point Kings of War Tournament, 2018-06-02

Record: 3-2-0 Place:

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Bill Goodrick417
2Brian Schoppert183
3Ray Weiandt174
4Thomas Strother147
5Michael Szedlmayer516

Kingslayer 2017

2000 point Kings of War Tournament, 2017-10-28

Record: 3-2-0 Place: 3rd

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Steven Bassler193
2Michael Adkins173
3Sean Moore177
4Alex Chaves911
5Ray Shields218

Kingslayer 2016

2000 point Kings of War Tournament, 2016-10-08

Record: 2-2-0 Place: 5th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Robert Ash166
2Mike Austin1014
3Cory Benton419
4Zeke Webster196

Bluegrass Brawl

2500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, 2015-06-13

Record: 2-3-0 Place: 6th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Matt Lowery301
2Paul Loester1416
3George O'Connell027
4Keith Randle628
5Mike Davis300