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Mike Renno

DaBoyz 2014 40K

1850 point Warhammer 40K Tournament, 2014-11-15

Record: 3-2-0 Place: 53rd

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Arnaud Leger331
2Kevin Lemieux-Gagnon232
3Burton Wight132
4DJ Timms2112
5Jamey Thayer2111

DaBoyz 2014 40K Doubles

2000 point Warhammer 40K Tournament, 2014-11-14

Record: 1-2-0 Place: 29th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Denis Cote - Gillaume Buily352
2Justin Adams - Dan Downer336
3Burton Wright - Kevin Morris036