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Daniel kennedy

Buckeye Battles Tag Team

2000 point Warhammer 40K Tournament, 2019-06-21

Record: 3-0-0 Place: 4th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Scions of the Warzone-C123
2Gross Incantations123
3Team Bad Decisions-B126

Buckeye Battles 40K GT 2018

2200 point Warhammer 40K Tournament, 2018-07-07

Record: 5-0-0 Place: 10th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Josh Theobald2211
2Cody Bratton245
3Michael LaMonda240
4Nathan Gould1615
5Nicholas Teixeira1811

Buckeye Battles 2018 Narrative Team Tournament

110 point Warhammer 40K Tournament, 2018-07-06

Record: 2-1-0 Place: 17th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1For the Unlikely Good87
3Cockasaurus Rex515