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Chris Whitehead

Origins 2016

2000 point Kings of War Tournament, 2016-06-18

Record: 1-2-0 Place: 8th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Erich Trowbridge528
2Chris Carmichael1122
3Mike Moyer276

Kings of War HS 10/24/2015

2000 point Kings of War Tournament, 2015-10-24

Record: 0-3-0 Place: 10th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Kara Brown1133
2David Baker1928
3Jason Herald1134

Kings of War Winter 2014 Escalation League Final

1000 point Kings of War Tournament, 2015-01-17

Record: 0-2-1 Place: 7th

RoundOpponentScoreOpponent's Score
1Kara Brown1727
2Mike Carter (Ringer)2023
3Alex Ambrose2222