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Warscore is a scoring program designed for miniature wargame tournaments. It is highly configurable so it can be adapted to most wargaming tournament needs.

Warscore's best feature is it's Automatic Player Matching. You configure Warscore's matching algorithm to match players the way you want. Once you do that, it will do it's best to pick matchups according to your guidelines. If that doesn't work in a particular situation, don't worry, you're in charge. You can match players manually if you need to.

Warscore has been used in tournaments in the United States, Europe and Australia since July 2012 when it debuted at Buckeye Battles. It works, and it works really well.

It's still free, and it's even better than before, because now Warscore works with Warscore.net.

The main addition is the events section. You can now put your event up on Warscore.net, and use Warscore to publish results. Registered players will receive notifications, and that will help your event run more smoothly.

Registered players will also have access to their tournament history. No more forgetting who you played. Additionally, registered players will be able to participate in the community driven rankings system once it is up and running.

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About Warscore.net

What is Warscore.net?

Warscore.net is a new add-on to Warscore. You can use the program to publish pairings and results directly to the website, and it will notify registered players that the results are available via. email. This helps you, the tournament organizer, run a smoother event. As a player, you'll be able to use the website to see your history of who you've played and how you've done.

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What's next?

Warscore.net has just been launched, and there's still a lot of work to do. The future will bring community driven rankings groups as well as the ability to receive notifications for upcoming events.